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Welcome to Proforme UK Trade Electric Gates.


Building the future for remote access door entry systems, state of the art gate automation and communications systems.,

Proforme aim to bring you the best and most advanced products at the best prices available..


Here at Proforme we are constantly moving forward to improve our stock items, service and customer relations we will do whatever is necessary to ensure your life is made better and more enjoyable for using us.


In connection with BFT, NICE, CAME, FAAC and other leading automation company's, outstanding courier services and unbeatable customer service and support, we will take our customers and electric gates into the 21st century.


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Here at Proforme UK we are committed to providing the very best service for our customers, here at we are providing a site which will offer the most competetive prices on gate motors, spares and accessories, combined with the very best service you will find in this industry.


As a company we plan for the future and strive to keep our company one step ahead of the competition.


If you're looking for gate kits for domestic use visit our site at, but if you are looking to open a trade account for business use you are at the right place.


Proforme only supply products from leading and proven company's in this industry offering a minimum 2-3 year warranty on gate kits and accessories.


Unlike most other suppliers of gate automation kits and accessories, we can supply any kit from the four leading automtion manufacturers available to date. Instead of having different accounts with different companys, just one account with us and we can supply you mostly everything you will ever need for installation or maintainance work all at highly competative prices.


We can supply: Videx, Neowave, Rolling Center, Daitem, FAAC, BFT, NICE, CAME and more.......

We offer the most competative quote's for trade automation




Proforme only supply products that are tried and tested by our own product standards criteria. We will only supply what we believe to be the best on the market to date, and if we don't believe that a product is good enough for our range we will not stock it..


When you buy from Proforme you are buying the best.

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